Friday, January 30, 2009

getting moody on Obama's economic stimulus plan

Moody's has recently done an analyst on the economic stimulus package that Obama and the Democratic party are working on.

Moody's looks at the proposed ideals and shows us what the return on investment will be, for every dollar.

in short the biggest increases come form spending on things likes infrastructure, food stamps, and unemployment.

next up are TEMPORARY tax cuts.

and plans for permanent tax cuts actually loose use money.

So if you want an economic stimulus to work you may want to send this information to your senators and congresspeople. and tell them if they don't vote for the things that will help the economy you in turn won't vote for them in their next election.

and send this info to your friends and family and tell them to do the same

Monday, January 26, 2009

Republicans trying to hult Obama's plan to save the American Economy

Republicans in the senate are going on record that they will not support President Obama's stimulus package.

Their stated reasoning is that they don't want the high spending but instead want to cut business taxes.

Both sides of course say that their ideals to stimulate the economy will be the best things to do.

Republicans want tax cuts for business because they say that business will use the money they save on those tax and put it into more jobs. The problem with this ideology is that their is no way to be sure a company will use the money to hire a new person and not either use it for executive bonuses (see AIG) or just count extra money as a profit.

At least with Obama's plan to spend money in certain areas we know that jobs will be created or at least the plan can be tailored to be spent in ways we know will created jobs. for example part of Obama's plan includes paying for infrastructure, like fixing roads, bridges and fixing schools, at the least with those task we know that we will create blue collar jobs. Obama also want to put money in science researches, which will create (or at maintain) white collar jobs (scientist)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

$100 Trillion dollar bill

Zimbabwe has now put out a new banknote with the value of 100 trillion Zim-dollars.

now before you imagine a country that is doing so well that they make the exploits Richie Rich or rappers in a rap video look like paupers, it should be noted that the 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar is only worth about $300 US dollars.

the country had to put out the new note because their economy is facing a huge wave of hyperinflation.

This is a sharp turn for the country that was once seen as on of Africa's most prosperous countries.