Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reaganonomic Healthcare

With the election season up and running there has been the standard talk from Republicans about Reaganomic tax cuts and some on the Democrats side wanting to push socialized healthcare. And of course both sides are in disagreement over these issues.

But the odd thing is that these two have a bit more in coming then people think. One of the key thinking behind Reaganonomics is the ideal that by cutting taxes the economy will get a boost by all the money people save from not giving to the government.

On the other side on one of the key points brought up from those who support the ideal of universal healthcare is that even though taxes will more then likely rise people will save much more money by the fact that they wouldn’t have to pay their health insurance bills. This in turn would boost the economy because people would have more money to spend on other things. Also American business will be more productive and can better compete with companies around the world by having lowered cost to run their business due to not having to pay employees healthcare.

Do you see the connection?

People supporting both ideal theorize that are economy will go up if we follow their ideal and for nearly the same reasons. If we have more money in our pockets we will spend more.

And this is where I am confused. How can a side that so strongly favor Reaganomics because they say it will be good for the economy by allowing us to keep more of our money not favor socialize healthcare, which would also be good for economy by letting us save money?

Is it the taxes? Are people so focused on the thought that taxes might go up a bit that they over look the fact that you will save much more money from not having to pay hundreds of dollars on your health insurance bill every month?

I think a big problem is branding. Many that support Reaganomics do so because they like the ideal of paying less money in taxes. They are also against the ideal of socialized healthcare because of two ideals. First the ideal of increased taxes and second many of these people lived through cold war and have them ingrained in them to reject anything thing that even slightly smells of socialism.

To get past both of these negatives I think people hoping to both boost the economy and making sure people in America are healthy through a universal healthcare system is to try and move away from the socialism brand and tie universal healthcare to something that those opposed to it like. And I think that is Reaganomics.

Instead of calling it Universal or Socialized brand it Reaganomic Healthcare and people on the right will jump for it.

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