Sunday, January 20, 2008

Recession fix

Well Bush and Congress are going to pass something to help boost the American economy to make sure we don’t fall into a recession.

There has been much talk about what will be the best way to do this. Some think it is best to give money directly to people in the middle class. Others think giving tax cuts to business should do this. While others fill the best way to boost the economy is giving money to the poor (in things like an increase in food stamps or unemployment benefits).

I even heard some say that the money should be used to fund public work projects.

More then likely it well be done in the form of a rebate check some where around $300 to $800 giving to people in the middle class. And even though I like the ideal of getting some extra money directly into my pockets I think we will get more bang for our buck if the money was used for a public work program or giving to the poor.

Giving the money to the poor makes a lot of sense since statistically poor people will be less likely to save money then people of middle and upper classes and we want this money spent and placed into economy as fast as possible.

The public work project one can be a twofer, not only do you give jobs to people (which would take people who are un(or under)employed and give them pay checks that they will spend) but you fix our aging infrastructure (by doing things like fixing roads and bridges etc) and also create new infrastructure for a number of different things that we as a society (and the American economy) will benefit from now and in the future.

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