Monday, April 13, 2009

settlers in the forecloser era

so in a world where many people have had their homes foreclosed on it not a shock that there has been an increase in homelessness. so where do these people go? mostly homeless shelters, in with family or renting apartments or even tent cities but in Miami there are those recently homeless people who are found themselves in a new home.

not a home that's paid for but a group called Take Back the Land is helping people become squaters in empty houses.

highly illegal of course but reading their site it is clear they see this as a valiant task as they give accounts of house they "liberated" and to be honest I'm a little mixed on it. sure it's nice to see a family having a place over their heads but this is going to be a problem when the house get's sold (or when someone tries to sell a home someone is living in)

and it doesn't seem wise to post the address of these homes on their blog

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