Thursday, May 21, 2009

poor people tax

the Washington Post has an interesting article about the fact that poor people in America are being charged more for a large number of things when compared to even just the middle class.

a lot of people look at the poor and feel that the reason they haven't pull themselves up are because they are lazy but looking at this article it is clear that things are stacked against them and maybe a bit of an eye opener for some people.

thought I think the article could have gone more in depth and even thought the headline says The high cost of poverty! Why the poor pay more? they don't actually talk about why the poor pay more, just the fact that they do.

Yes they go into the fact that many poor people don't have cars and can't drive to areas where things are cheaper and most poor people work to hard and long hours that they don't have the time to get on a bus and take a 3 or so hour ride to those areas.

It also goes into the fact that some of those stores they may shop at wont be able to get the big discounts big stores get and so they can't pass the saving to people with lower prices.

But when it comes to things like payday loans they don't go into why there are so many vultures preying on people and why aren't there more decent companies starting business in those areas.

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