Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cash for clunkers failure of success?

The Cash for clunkers (officially called Car Allowance Rebate System or CARS) program comes to an end Monday.

Looking at the coverage of the is program I was always surprised with the number of people that thought the program was failing.

looking at the goal of the program that is far the from the cause.

The program was in acted because car sales where lagging and dealerships across the nation had lots full of cars that they couldn't sale.

This program was enacted to move those cars, as well as make sure people upgrade to more fuel efficient cars.

and under those terms the program worked, car sells went up enough that American car companies re-open some car plants that they had closed. Putting people back to work.

in fact it work so well that the CARS program ran out of money because they the demand was much higher then they thought and the government needed to add money to make sure the program could make it to it's end date. Maybe that's the closet thing this program was to a failure, if you count reaching your set goals at much faster rate then you thought you would as being a failure.

But with the program coming to and what do you think was Cash for clunkers a success or a failure?

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A*concern*American said...

Martin Jackson your article was not even journalism. I,m sorry , but I bet you can do better than this.
If you saying that the Cash for Clunkers worked than you are in denial. Because it did not work at all. It was a complete failure. Well, I guess I can't say that. There are now less cars on the road that were gas guzzlers. And you were right about the program started because the Auto industry was losing business, but its not because they had to many cars in there lots. It was because the nation's economy was in a decline and nobody was buying anything. So the program started to help stimulate the economy , but Martin it only stimulated the economy for a short time. If the government is going to start a program that now has cost the U.S. taxpayer $3 billion, only $1 billion was put aside, but that ran out in days and a further $2 billion was added to the program. This figure is now about to run dry, which is why the program is now set to end on Monday.
So this program ran itself into the ground. It didn't even get off its feet. It didn't work because now it is going to cost you and I; what 6 billion dollars now that the program lasted what only a damn week or two. The is not what I call a success, I'm sorry Martin . And Martin for future information, think in your head what government ran agency works well at all???