Monday, November 29, 2010

economic tax plans and the road seldom taken

There have been a number of economic plans making the news recently. Some even bi-partisan and even though these plans are being hailed for taking ideals of both sides to make sure we don't face a deficate. But I notice that I have really seen anyone talk about raising taxes on the richest Americans. Yes they talk about ending tax cuts but the bushes tax cuts where set to end anyway. I'm talking about actually raising taxes on the richest americans well above what they paid before Bush (hell more then they payed before Reagon) in a move to raise revunue for America.

As I stated before taxes are currently at one of the the lowest rates they have ever been for the rich.

I know it's a third rail issue and politicans are afiard to touch it, not because it's a bad ideal but because no one really wants to pay taxes (though we like the benifits we get from paying taxes) and if you are going to aim a new tax hike on the rich you are taxing the people with loads of money. They are either the people that give the politicans the money they need to run or those with the power to raise a ruckus and mount a campiagn against the ideal.

But even though it's easy to see why a politican would back away from pushing the issue of higher taxes. It still stands that it is one of the most logical ways to make sure the United States is well founded.

Not only are you making sure we increase tax revune, if the tax is high enough it can act as an economic stimulus as people who currently are setting on large sums of money are forced to either use it (in things like highering people, giving to charities etc) or losing it in taxes.

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