Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene an economic stimulus that I hope we can avoid

I like I assume everyone else is looking at the news about hurricane Irene with a bit of fear. Even though I don’t live on the east cost I have family that does and hope for their safety and I dread the thought that of so many people that maybe killed or their lives ruined because of this hurricane.

But as I have these worries I can’t help but also think about the fact that if Hurricane Irene is bad as they say it might be then we are going to need a massive recovery. A lot of money will need to be poured in to rebuild these towns and cities. Which would be good for the economy. In a time when many business are holding onto their money instead of using it to grow (both their business and the economy) this could force them to spend that money to rebuild buildings they may lose during this storm.

I know this reads like I’m cold and the truth is I feel a little odd writing this, and as the tittle of this article points I rather this not happen, but the truth is if it does then we will have a bump in the GDP as people have to pay for rebuilding.

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