Thursday, May 22, 2008

are we out of the recession yet?

The AP has released an article today talking about what economist are looking at to tell if we are out of this economic recession.

what they state is pretty common sense. they say that economist are looking at stabilization in the housing market and gas prices as well improvement in the labor market.

so basically economist are looking at what everyone else is looking at.

what I did find intrusting in the article is that compared to are last few recessions it is people that are feeling the effects and not business.

the reason...debt or at least how we have to pay back are debt. More people are having to use there money to pay of debt while business can get away with paying off less (they currently pay off on average 10% a year on debt where as in 90's they where paying around 30% on average)

hmmm maybe the way to turn around this economy is that everyone becomes a company so we can all cut our debt payments down.

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