Thursday, May 8, 2008

male economic recession

Business week has an article talking about the fact the economic slump we are in is hitting men harder then women.

This is because industries that usually have a higher percentage of men working in such as construction and manufacturing have lost a lot of jobs.

on the flip side industries that statistically have more women working in it, such as education and health care, are still growning.

But while men are losing jobs things really aren't rosey for women. They still face lower pay then men and many of the jobs open to them aren't really that good. Woman are stressed out more then ever since they now have more to do and their husbands can't help out as much (at least not economically) and the one has to wonder when/if the bad economy will start hitting the so called women jobs.

*note the ideal of breaking jobs by gender was business weeks ideal not mind.

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