Thursday, July 3, 2008

IMF checking over our books

The IMF is going to do something it has never done before in its 64 year history.

The International Monetary Fund want to run a Financial Sector Assessment Program on the US.

I'm a bit shocked at both that the fact that this is happening and the fact that this is the first time.

it's sad that our economy has came to this point, and I have to admit I am a bit nervous that will find out somethings that could make things worst for our economy (at least in the short run)

but the truth is I also think the American economy really needs this. If we are to truly get better, we need to know what is really wrong with our economy and have every thing out in the open.

it the end of an era where no one questioned America or it's economy. of course even though that era is over it doesn't mean that it's going to be bad for the economy. sure we are going to be judge like everyone else and can no longer coast but we can still be champions on a level playing field.

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