Sunday, June 22, 2008

It seems like even rappers are facing economic times

Recently this taped phone conversation between rappers 50 cent and Young Buck has been release on the net:

This conversation was taped by 50 cent, Young Buck was the guy nearly in tears because he was in financial trouble. Yes it runs against hip-hop’s image of being hardcore thugs but having money problems is stressful for anyone.

Now unlike many Americans right now a big part of Young Buck problems is that he was living a life style he couldn’t afford…actually that might actually be a lot of American’s problem right now (or at least it was one of the factors)

And going by this taped phone conversation Young Buck’s problem are similar to many other peoples.

Young Buck was not working enough and his expenses that he need to pay off where still coming in.

A lot of people are having hard times finding work or those lucky enough to have job are still not able to get enough hours to fully pay off their bills.

Young Buck seems to borrowed a loan from 50 that he can’t pay back right now (or when ever this phone call happen)

Many people are in debt because they either borrowed money out of their homes or due to over use of their credit cards.

Luckily for most of use we are not friends with 50 cent so we don’t have to worry about him posting us talking to him, when we are at are lowest because we facing these money problems, for the world to hear.

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