Friday, June 13, 2008

Cuba changes is wage policy

Cuba's Ministry of Labor and Social Security has recently stated a change in the policy that guides how people are paid in Cuba.

before everyone was paid the same wage as long as they meet a production goal, but now Cuba has introduced an incentive program.

but now if you meet or surpass the stated goal you will now earn bonus pay.

if you just meet the goal you will only get a 5% bonus. but If you surpass the goal you may earn as much as a 30% pay increase.

The reason for the change is that Cuba wants to increase productivity and production quality.

I notice more then a few people in the news or on the blogs stating that Cuba is moving to capitalism. thought this might end up being a step toward that I don't think it means that Cuba will become a fully capitalist country.

which is OK, I'm not one of those people that think every country should fallow the same economic system that we are using.

I do think what this does is take one of the good (well sometimes good) effects capitalism IE using money to motivate people to do work.

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