Monday, June 2, 2008

horror after $200 oil

Macleans has an article (horror story?) up talking about what will happen if we reach $200 for a barrel of oil.

in a scary world that maybe coming to us soon the rise in oil prices will effect modern society to its core.

a few of the horrors they predict that might happen...

the gas of fuel cause the airline industry to shrink to nearly a 10th of its current size.

sky rocketing prices on ALL goods.

people spending more then half their weekly pay just to feel up there tank.

basically will just cost to much for people to go to far away from there cities and towns.

in some ways it might almost like going back into a time before cars and planes. But instead of not going to far form home because of time restraints, we live in our little worlds because it would cost to much to say go across the country on vacation.

and some areas of course will feel this worst then others. the future you are away from farms the higher the cost of food.

But one also have to look at the fact that the suburbs are dependent on cities for things like jobs. And in a world where it cost more to get to work then what you make, the burbs are going to have to become more self sufficient or turn into ghettos.

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