Friday, August 22, 2008

Beijing Olympic opening ceremony and workers rights

we all enjoyed the Olympic games opening show this year.

it was a thing of beauty and was really aw inspiring.

but it coming out that to put on a show of great wonder that China put on a lot of people had to suffer and human rights of the performers where ignored.

For example 2200 tai-chi masters had to work 16 hours a day for 3 months in an army camp to train for what they would do for the brief time they would preform.

in July a 26 year old dancer feel 10 feet and may no be permanently paralyzed.

The Beijing Olympic ceremony's director had this to say to a local Chinese paper after visiting the dancer in the hospital

Performers in the West by contrast need frequent breaks and cannot withstand criticism, Zhang said, citing his experience working on an opera performance abroad. Though he didn't mention specific productions, Zhang directed an opera at New York's Metropolitan Opera in 2006.

"In one week, we could only work four and a half days, we had to have coffee breaks twice a day, couldn't go into overtime and just a little discomfort was not allowed because of human rights," he said of the unidentified opera production.

"You could not criticize them either. They all belong to some organizations ... they have all kind of institutions, unions. We do not have that. We can work very hard, can withstand lots of bitterness. We can achieve in one week what they can achieve in one month."

I think this shows us a lot in not only how working conditions are in China but for people that are anti-union this should give them something to look at to see how horrid things can be for the average American worker if the US does a way with unions and laxes to much on workers rights.

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