Monday, August 18, 2008

to show they will be good for the American economy Obama and McCain's VP should be a...

There has been much talk about who McCain and Obama will pick for their Vice President.

people of course throw out their picks, mainly because they think these are people that can help them win a state or two or because they cover a weakness on an issue that head of the ticket might have.

or people that have strong good will in believing that this person will be strong on an issue that most people think the nation is having a problem with.

one of the top of the list this election year (and pretty every election year I've been around) is the economy.

Now most of the time the people picked are politicians but giving that both Obama and McCain are running as outsiders or at least people who buck the system I think it would be a good ideal not to go that route and do something a little different.

Instead of picking another politician it might be wish ideal to pick an economist for the VP slot.

with the economy being such an issue it will give the person who does this more clout on the issue that they will do a good job on economy, since they will have someone high in the staff that knows more about they are talking about then the standard politician.

or at the very least we can feel a little better that the Prez will just let the VP handle the economic issues.

The only thing that might be a problem is the fact that there aren't many economist who's are household names. But if you can't find an economist known to the general public I am sure you can find someone that worked somewhere or one something that people will know.

Like pick a noble prize winning economist. Sure most people wouldn't be able to pick out say Robert Lucas Jr, Edmund Phelps or Roger Myerson. But just saying they have a noble prize will get the average Joe to think that they will be a wise choice when it comes to picking some one who can properly handle America's economic issues.

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