Tuesday, October 14, 2008

and they are blaming it on the Jews agian

it's really a shame that hard times like we are going through with world economy can bring out the worst in people.

yesterday I talked about how it was wrong to blame minorities and poor people for this crisis.

know I just read an article talking about how there has been a boom of people blaming Jewish people for the world economic downturn.

I'm sadden to hear this but I guess I shouldn't be to surprised Jewish people have taken the blame for financial troubles since the middle ages.

But still I guess I hoped we got past that short of thing (but then giving that there are so many people wanting to blame this on Blacks and Latinos I shouldn't have know better)

anti-Semitism and racism doesn't have any place in economics go please take that stuff to your Klan rallies and neo-nazi meetings.

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