Monday, October 13, 2008

dear racist classist it is not the poor or minorities that caused this economic crash

I have noticed a trend on blaming this crash on minorities. The truth is this is not the case.

Newsweek as an article showing why this isn't the case

in short the article notes that the programs people point at to say the crisis is due to bank being forced to give loans to minorities where placed mostly on regulated banks and most of the subprime loans didn't come from those banks.

in fact the article shows that giving loans to poor minorities isn't risky if you give them a fair loan. they brought up an example of microlending and a group called Nehemiah Homes which gives loans to the working poor in the new york area. out of nearly 3,900 loans they have giving out they have only had 10 defaults.

The article ends by pointing out that the problem really seems to come from lending to rich white guys that ran companies like AIG (I already wrote about how fast they sent the billions they got from the fed)

They where the ones that used the money riskly. Not the poor or the minorities.

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