Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey you may get yet another check...to stimulate the economy...yeah baby

it seems like Bush, Fed Chairman Ben Bernake and even Nancy Pelosi are backing the ideal of sending yet another check to the American tax payers in hopes that we will go out and stimulate the economy.

If past the check should come sometime after the election but before Christmas.

with the talk that sells are expected to be down for Xmas shopping this year I am sure retailers are happy about this.

the folks at thinkyourwaytowealth.com are right in that this will have to be paid for some how (higher taxes or by causing inflation)

But it will also be spent and since right now people are holding back on their spending. which is making the bad problem of the economy worst it could be a good thing.

of course once again I think the money could be used in a better way.

for example instead of just giving us a check why not spend the money on fixing a bridge or something and paying an out of work construction working.